Notice< – Passport Canada is back to business as usual

June 27, 2011, Gatineau, Quebec — With postal service resuming this week, Passport Canada is back to business as usual for Canadians submitting applications and for the delivery of Canadian passports.

As usual, Canadians in Canada, the United States and Bermuda are encouraged to submit their passport application by mail or courier, or in person at any Passport Canada service location. Canadians abroad must contact the nearest Canadian government office in the country they reside (or are visiting) to submit an application.

Those who plan to travel within the next 20 business days should submit an application in person at a Passport Canada office.

Passport Canada thanks Canadians for their cooperation during the period of postal service uncertainty and reminds individuals to use the submission checklist to ensure their application is complete. Canadians sending in applications are encouraged to use a certified courier/traceable mail to reduce delivery time and help ensure the safety of their documents.

Canada Post has indicated that any mail in the system at the time of the work disruption has been secured for processing and delivery. Customers could experience minor delays while Canada Post resumes its operations to return to normal delivery. Visit the Canada Post Customer Information Hub for more information.